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About Us

About Us

Sanford Scent Bar was started in April 2020 by Tonya Marandola. Tonya Marandola had previous knowledge of 100% Pure Uncut Fragrance Oils while working with other fragrance technicians. Tonya understood the struggle of finding the perfect fragrance when you have allergies to certain chemicals, so that’s why she created this All Natural / Organic Product line. Our products are sourced with raw organic ingredients and use food grade materials; no chemicals. I have partnered with two out of state manufacturers that produce for us using our recipes.

Why “Sanford Scent Bar”…

Now this is a bit of a funny story of how the name came about. Many think it is because Tonya is from or located in Sanford; however, Tonya was watching tv one evening brainstorming what would be a great long-lasting catchy name that a .com url would be available? I had the tv on in the background when a show came on that I was very familiar with; Sanford & Sons. I laughed because I instantly knew that was a sign! I looked up Sanford Scent Company which is cool but I wanted something better and because I knew that I would be offering a large selection of scents in a variety of products I thought of a bar. Nowadays a bar offers many choices of flavored liquors and I was going to be offering many choices of scents; it all made sense 😉

And then… Sanford Scent was available and was created.